TATTOO Kit Tattoo studios and illustrators.

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The kit includes a personalized screen with your A3 drawing and the Sputnik textile screen printing machine and all the necessary tools to make silkscreen on t-shirts, black and colored. You can also reproduce your drawings on sheets of paper and wood.


TATTOO kit specially designed for illustrators and tattoo studios who want to make their own production of t-shirts, bags, sheets, even stamping their drawings on the glass or on the wall.

You can make your drawing up to a maximum size of 42x29 cm in one color or with effects, degraded and creative.

You can make between 100 and 200 serigraphs with the amount of ink included in the kit.

Kit content:

- Custom screen with your drawing (62 / 77h) 40x50 cm (more info)
- Sputnik Vintage textile and paper screen printing machine (more info)
- Acramina Textile Black Ink 500 gr (more info)
- White Opaca textile ink 500gr (more info)
- Retardant of inks 125ml kit
- 35cm aluminum KLP squeegee with green rubber (more info)
- Stainless steel spatula (more info)
- Magic sponge