Squeegee Blade Green&Brown

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Rubber Type

Spare parts for wooden and aluminum scrapers. Green and brown polyurethane rubber 75 shores of hardness. For use with all types of inks and for screen printing on textile, paper, cardboard or wood. Polyurethane rubber of high quality of national manufacture.


Professional quality polyurethane rubber strips, for rubber replacement in wooden or aluminum squeegees. For textile use with aqueous inks and solvents and for screen printing on paper or cardboard.

Ocre rubber
Use: Normal
Hardness: 75 shores
Color: Ocher
Profile: square, straight.
Height: 5cm
Thickness of rubber: 8mm

Green Rubber
Use: Professional
Hardness: 75 shores
Green color Profile: square, straight.
Height: 5cm
Rubber thickness: 9mm

The hardness of the gums is measured in Shore, a scale that goes up to 100, the greater the hardness number, this determines the layer of ink that is deposited in the impression.

To obtain thick layers of ink use low-value gums, to deposit less ink use more valuable gums, 75 onwards, for textile use and printing on paper.

The profile of the rubber also determines the layer of ink deposited as well as a correct definition, a rubber with sharp edges deposits a smaller layer of ink and gets more definition.


Store in a dry environment, between 15ºC and 21ºC. Applications For manual and automatic printing on textile and paper, resistant to water-based inks and solvents.