Special tables for screen printing with centering guides.

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Tables of different sizes to place the shirt and achieve a good silkscreen. High quality technical phenolic material and registration guide marks to facilitate centering of the shirt. Made in Spain.


KLP silk screen boards are a national product and of the highest quality guaranteed.

Stamping tables or tables are compatible with any textile or paper screen printing machine, craft or professional.
They are made of phenolic technical board, with characteristics of high resistance to water, solvents, high temperatures, paints and scratches.

Rounded edges and polished to avoid the hooking of the fabric.
They can be cleaned with solvent after several months of use and are as good as new.
In addition the tables have some registration marks to facilitate the centering of the shirt.

Tables of different sizes for your needs:
T-shirts, paper, sleeves and pants.

1) 43x34 cm printable surface (For A3 drawings)
2) 33x24 cm printable surface (For A4 drawings)
3) 36x130 cm printable surface (special for sleeves and pants)

The thickness of the board is 12mm.

Special tables for screen print