Silkscreen exposure unit with timer.

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How many lights?

The VHA insulation machine is the essential machine in a screen printing workshop. You can reveal screens up to 40x50 cm in size. Assembly in 5 minutes! Folding and removable. Manufactured in Spain by KLP.


Already available the first removable and foldable sunscreens at a very economical price. Also suitable as a light box for drawing and reviewing photoliths. Includes timer with alarm.

Manufactured in Steel and lacquered in oven, great resistance and expandable option with accessories that we will be announcing in the store, to be able to reveal large size screens or even build a table or screen dryer.

You can adjust the height of the focus. 400w spotlight or actinic fluorescent tubes.

At the moment it is only available with halogen focus of 400w but you can replace it with 6 actinic fluorescent tubes of 18w that considerably reduce the exposure time, you can find them in shops specializing in lights.

The approximate time of development with the 400w bulb and focus is indicated below, this time will also depend on the type of emulsion you are using, height and power of the lamp you are using.

With a 400W halogen bulb at 40cm height = 5 minutes development approx.

With two 400W halogen spotlights at 40cm height = 3 minutes development approx.

For screens higher than 30x40cm, the use of two spotlights is recommended so that the light hits the entire surface of the screen equally.

How to buy the sunscreens?

Remember to add in the purchase options of the VHA Insoladora the number of lights you need. If you already have focus then select that you do not want focus.


- Reveals screen sizes up to 40x50cm (A3 +)
- Removable and adjustable structure according to needs
- Compatible to install with metal halide tubes
- Includes timer with countdown and beep, magnetizable.
- 400W halogen spotlight with cable and 1,5m socket (Optional) Dimensions:
- 50x50x50 cm
- 4kg of weight


- VHA structure and mounting nuts.
- High strength methacrylate 50x50 cm 5mm thick
- Countdown timer with alarm and magnetizable
- Assembly key
- 400W halogen spotlight with cable and plug (Optional)
- Instruction and assembly manual

Exposure unit for screen print