Professional squeegee for textile and paper screen printing

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Professional wood squeegee to pass the ink and make the prints, for manual screen printing on textile, paper, cardboard and wood. Handle made of wood and polyurethane rubber 70 shors hardness. High range Made in Europe.


It is the tool used to pass the ink through the screen and make the final print. It consists of a wooden handle and polyurethane rubber 70 shors hardness.

High range We guarantee maximum product quality.

The rake, squeegee, squeegee, squeegee, rascle, squeeguee (in English) is one of the most important accessories used in screen printing It is mainly used to pass the paint on the screen and make the silk screen printing.Depending on the angle, speed and pressure, we control the correct amount of ink necessary to fill the mesh of the screen.

If we exceed the ink we will cause excess paint to pass causing stains, if we spend little ink we will lack paint and the printing will not go well. We will observe when doing the practice that if we overthrow the squeegee excess ink passes while if we keep it vertical it will pass little ink. This affects the final color.

The quality of the edge of the squeegee will determine the sharpness of the printed image.