Professional aluminum squeegee With removable and adjustable rubber. 25CM and 35CM.

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Squeegee or rascleta for screenprinting with an aluminum frame and an adjustable polyurethane rubber. Lightweight high quality aluminum. Made in Barcelona.

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Professional aluminum squeegee for textile screen printing. It has removable aluminum handle for the placement of new rubber and facilitate cleaning. Compatible with all rubber bands in the market.

Polyurethane rubber to choose from different qualities. (more information)

Easy assembly and disassembly of the rubber. Once the squeegee is assembled, it is enough to loosen the screws for the rubber change or cleaning of the squeegee a little.
When the rubber is worn you can turn it over or replace it with a new one or with a different characteristic.

You can place a smaller rubber and thus have different size squeegees for small drawings.
You will be able to adjust the projection of the rubber to your liking.

The hergonomic shape of the handle facilitates silkscreen printing and its lightness relieves fatigue in long productions.

Product created by KLP and European-made rubber.

Professional squeegue for screen print by KLP