Opaque TEXTIL ink. Intense tones Water based, great fixation and ecological

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Textile ink Opaque for screen printing, already pigmented ready to use without auxiliary additives. With ecological certificate. Ideal for screen printing on 100% cotton, polyester, lycra and polyamide fabrics. Maximum coverage and intense tones.


Direct application as it comes in the container, remove the ink very well before using. Add retardant or thinner only if you have problems working due to environmental conditions, excessive heat in the workshop or if you work with high definition mesh, 77h and up.

It is recommended to use mesh of maximum 62h to work with opaque inks.

Maximum final quality. Maximum fixation to the fabric, little touch.

Recommended especially for dark fabrics due to its high covering power and opacity.

Good hiding power, elasticity and great brightness, suitable for manual or mechanical printing.
It is ideal to be used as a single lacquer because of its extraordinary solidity and elasticity, allowing its application in any textile support, whether polyester, polyamide, lycra, or other fabrics of difficult adhesion.
Polymerizes at room temperature. Suitable for later dyeing.
Covering, elastic and self-curing ink. Suitable for all textile supports, excellent strength, soft touch.

CPSIA ecological certificate

Eco-friendly water based inks. Work anywhere and respect the environment, you can clean screens and tools in any drain without contamination problems.
Free of PVC, heavy metal phthalates and formaldehyde.

The inks are formulated in compliance with the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) (Sec. 101 and 108 of the CPSIA of 2008, Public Law 110-314, 122 Stat. 3016 (August 14, 2008)) and the Californa Assembly Bill 1108 and therefore, does not contain raw materials with phthalates or materials with lead added with knowledge and intention.

Drying and curing the ink
On 100% cotton fabrics and similar
Apply heat with the decapador maintaining distance not to burn the tissue
Without heat gun the ink heals completely leaving it at room temperature for a week.

Preparation of ink for paper, cardboard and wood
To make ready the textile ink before doing serigraphs on paper, cardboard, wood or similar surfaces it must be mixed at 50% with Acramina ink. In different proportions we will get effects and transparencies to our liking that can vary depending on the support we are silk-screen printing.

On polyester, lycra and polyamide fabrics
Depending on the technical fabric may have variations, you should do washing tests until you get the optimal drying for the fabric you are working.
The ink must be cured between 120 and 150º and it will be ready to be delivered to the customer. For that, apply heat with the decapador at a certain distance of safety and with the minimum of power.

Ideal ink also for bodypainting
The ink to be formulated with ecological components allows its application in the body without side effects and with good fixation and elasticity. After applying to the skin let it dry at room temperature and at the end wash with soap and water.

Textile inks ecological