Basik© Emulsion Scoop Coater Screen

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Tool to apply the emulsion on the screen. Stainless steel deposit area and removable pvc covers included. Product manufactured in Barcelona.


Emulsion Scoop Coater Screen Basik©. Final tool to emulsify the screen, you can create a thin and smooth emulsion film on the screen. A single pass on both sides of the screen is recommended for a good result.
Made of stainless steel, it has an emulsion deposit area and two removable side covers that prevent the emulsion from overflowing.
The shape of the scraper helps your support while it is not used and facilitates the filling of emulsion.
Rounded and folded edge makes it easy to collect the remaining emulsion at the end of the screen.
Various measures available, 25 and 35 cm.
Product manufactured in Spain by KLP.

Complete Basik© Emulsion Scoop Coater Screen, stainless steel profile with two removable pvc covers.

What can I choose according to the size of the screen?

1) Take into account the internal measurement of the frame and restore 2cm on each side, if the frame measures 22x27 cm internal measurement, the valid raedera will be less than 25 cm in length.

2) For standard screens of 30x40cm and 40x50cm it is valid the raedera of 35 cm since you will be able to emulsify the screens of 30x40cm horizontally and those of 40x50cm vertically and thus save money in an extra scraper.

Emulsion Scoop Coater Screen