Machine Robot for screen printing. Hinge. Silkscreen arm.

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Light and efficient machine for screen printing wherever you want. It is capable of keeping large screens up and achieving a good record in the drawing. Made of 100% steel and with expandable modules that make it an authentic screen-printing robot and manufactured in Barcelona.


A single Karma Robot is necessary to achieve creative and quality screenprints, tested with screens up to 40x50 cm in size.

Using two Karma Robot machines with a single screen you achieve a greater fixation and registration of the drawing, recommended if you are going to work with large screens or large production runs or simply if you want a greater perfection of the useful work.

By having two parallel machines fixed on one side of the screen you can ensure micrometric records for complex screen printing that require high definition, we have thought about that and you have a significant discount if you need two machines.

The machine has been created entirely in Barcelona with high quality materials and sustainable manufacturing.

100% of its components are steel except two nylon washers necessary for the machine to slide with greater fluidity.

We have extensions that increase the possibilities of the Robot.

When buying this machine you are getting a product that will help you to make serigraphs of all kinds and on any material, just a bit of ingenuity to screen-print any printable object.

Its dimensions are ridiculous for the functions offered by this small artifact, 10x12 cm already assembled and barely 800kg.

It will arrive in a special container that guarantees maximum protection on the road.


1) Basic Robot Karma option

Full machine, supports screens of any size.

It keeps the screen raised by pressing on the shaft.

It is the basic option, it makes the function of silk screen hinge.

2) Brutal Force Option

Full machine + positioners + extra fixing screws

Registers position of the screen when raising and lowering screen what facilitates screen printing.

No effort is needed to raise or lower the screen and the registration ensures that the screen does not fall.

Two extra fixation screws are also included for greater fastening of the frame.

It is the recommended option to work with 40x50cm screen and above.

Ways to fix the machine to work:

1) Screw it directly onto a wooden table.

2) Screw it onto the side of a laminated particle board or similar that will also be the work table.

3) Fix it on a table with a sergeant or gag.


Easy assembly, in 2-5 minutes it is ready to use.

You can fix frames of wood and aluminum up to 4cm thick

Manufactured 100% Steel.

Fixing screws adjustable in position according to the width of the frame.

Weight: 750gr (including all the tooling)

Measures: 10x12 cm already assembled

Includes all mounting hardware, Allen key and SKY mounting key.

The Robot Kara machine belongs to the KRM SERIES series that guarantees original elements of high quality and survival over time, useful in our life and sustainable manufacturing.

If you are looking for a screen printing machine or similar you must have a hanging surface, you can build an extension or we recommend another option.

Screen printing Machine. Robot Karma. Hinge silk screen.

Data sheet
European Steel 8.8
10x12 cm
800 gr
Black Auto
Manufactured in
Barcelona (Spain)