Shipping and returns, national and international urgent transportation.

We work with GLS and ASM.

SHIPPING TO: Germany, France, Italy, UK, Sweden.

Shipping in 24 / 72h


0-3 kg 8€
3-5 kg 12€
5-8 kg 14€
8-12 kg 18€
12-16 kg 22€
16-20 kg 28€
20-25 kg 35€
25-30 kg 42€
30-40 kg 54€

1) Package delivery

As a general rule, the packages are sent the same day of placing the order and verify the payment, you will receive the package in the next 24 / 72h, if it is urgent, please let us know so as to ensure the delivery as soon as possible.

Shipping costs include handling and packaging costs, as well as postal expenses. We advise you to group all your items in one order. We can not combine two different orders, and the shipping costs will be applied for each one individually.

2) Transport your package

Economic service of express delivery in 24 / 72h in working days, in any point of the peninsular national territory and for orders of consumables, accessories and machinery, in orders of textile and developing of screens or orders of material out of catalog will have a term Delivery between 6 and 8 working days, if your order is urgent please contact us once made the purchase and payment of the product and we will confirm an immediate delivery date.

In the case that you do not receive the order within the period previously indicated, please contact us at the email address indicating the order code and, failing that, the recipient, the address and the amount thereof.

Keep in mind that if there is a lack of stock in any product of your order the whole package will be delayed until it is completed, it will indicate the situation at each moment and the estimated delivery time by tracking the transport company.

We are not responsible for the consequences due to a delay in sending the package by people outside the transport contract, by yourself or for unforeseeable or insurmountable reasons or reasons of a force majeure.

We are not responsible for the package once it has left our facilities, becoming the responsibility of the customer who must be attentive in the delivery and tracking of the shipment, we will provide a code with which you can have located at all times your package, the agency will call by tlf in case of not locating you.

In the event that the agency returned a package to us for not locating the delivery person, we will send it back, after paying the client for the shipping costs.

In case of special dates, CHRISTMAS and the month of AUGUST the delivery time may increase up to 4-5 days due to collapse in the transport and quantity of orders received. Please request in advance your material to avoid having these last minute.

3) Return of undelivered merchandise

The customer must be careful in the delivery, ensuring that the address indicated in the package delivery is correct and attentive to the tlf indicated in the shipment.

The couriers have your phone to arrange the delivery and have geolocation to verify the customer that they were at the place of delivery and did not receive a response.

If during the day of delivery of the package the contact could not be made, the package will be returned to our warehouses. Please contact us as soon as possible to return to make the shipment, having to pay the customer the new shipping costs.

4) Exceptional products + 72h

Certain articles cited below have an estimated delivery time between 1 and 5 working days. If you want the urgent order please send us an email with the reference of the order or call us to the contact phone of the store before placing the order to see the feasibility of delivery.

- Any product that exceeds 5 units of order and is affected by a volume discount may be affected and exceed the delivery time of 72h.

- Screen printing machines.
- Screen development service.
- PANTONE colors
- Any product that is not in our catalog
- Import products
- Kits prepared on request

5) Return of products

In case you want to return a product, it must be in perfect condition and unopened, justify the return and the customer will bear the cost of the return.

If you wish to cancel the purchase of a product, it will be possible within the first 3 days of having made it. It is very important that you read carefully the description of each product where we indicate your application and technical specifications.
In the return, the handling and order management expenses (5% of the total amount) as well as the transaction taxes will be taken into account if payment is made by a POS or Paypal card (up to 3.5%).

The amount of the returned product will not be refunded if it is in perfect condition, in exchange, you will be paid a fee that can be spent on any product of the store without a limitation period. (adjusted to the regulations of the OCU (

Text of the OCU:

If I do not like a product, can I change it?

If the product you wish to change is in perfect condition, the establishment is not obliged to change it (unless it is advertised or advertised expressly). Most shops do it, it is a good practice, but you do not have to return the money: you can also exchange it for another item or a voucher. If the product has a defect, the establishment does have to change it and return the money.
Can I demand that the money be returned?

Only if it is a product that is not in good condition, that has a defect: in that case it is understood that the product is not in accordance with the contract and the merchant has a legal obligation to return the money.

In case the customer has received a product in poor condition you can return it and replace it with one of similar characteristics.

Certain products can not be returned without just cause.
No screen printing inks or emulsions may be returned or changed except in cases where damage may be shown to the customer who received the package, breakage of the container during shipment.

You can order and manage the return of products from your customer account panel-> returns and contact us personally.

6) Damaged package or defective content

Each package is prepared by people individually and very methodically and at the end of the preparation of a package their documentation and a photograph of the order is stored to verify that all its contents go to their destination in perfect conditions.

In case of missing a product or that it appears damaged in its delivery you can make your claim immediately upon receiving the package informing of the circumstances and sending a photograph of the damaged items, mandatory requirement for its return, and we will resolve the matter in the best way possible depending on the circumstances of the case.