KLP was born in 2004 under the name of KALIPO as a screen and creation workshop. Only one year later, the first 4-color screen printing machine was created entirely in wood. It was only a few months before we started marketing the first 1-color KLP machine "Flea" and then all the second and new generation machines under different brands, Bunker Technologies and Stahldruck. In the workshop in Barcelona we create quality and low-cost screen printing machines and products that we sell to everyone, without intermediaries and handmade with sustainable materials, we work with aluminum, stainless steel, steel, PVC and wood. Novel machines and quality products creating a future in the world of screen printing.

Exclusive screen printing products that we create today and you can buy or expand the information in www.serigrafiar.com (Spain website) and www.klpsilkscreen.com (International website).

Since our beginnings we have carried out courses and training for companies and people interested in starting in the world of screen printing.

We invite you to visit our blog with extensive content and help on the world of screen printing.

You are invited to visit us at C/ataulf 12, 08002. Barcelona Gothic.

KLP Screen printing supplies