Screen printing machine Sputnik Vintage

Impuestos incluídos

Silkscreen textile and paper machine Sputnik Vintage. It facilitates the serigraphy and allows large productions. Created for textile screen printing, paper, fine woods, cardboard, small objects such as lighters, pens, wallets, or printable objects with the machine. 100% iron and steel. Original machine, manufactured in Spain by Klp-Stahldruck.


Sputnik Vintage is the first new generation screen printing machine that does not use weights, springs or gas tubes for its operation.

We are not going to tell you his secret but he has a special system of precise and adjustable screen support to hold screens up to 40x50cm (Recomended 30x40 cm and less) and weighs only 3.5 kg.

Fix it anywhere and store it in a drawer when you do not need it, it is so small that you can take it wherever you want.

The stamping base included with the machine measures 30x40 cm in White color, it is adjustable in length and customizable, made of wood and laminated, resistant to abrasion and solvents.

10 years warranty Machine manufactured in Spain by KLP STAHLDRUCK.

Made of iron and steel, it does not contain any element susceptible to breakage.

It does not need assembly, it arrives ready to use. 100% Manufactured in Spain.

Included with the machine:

- Wooden base 30x40 cm, protections, adjustment key and technical data sheet for use and configuration.